JLC Reverso Duoface Q3908420: A Classic Watch with Two Faces

85 years since its first introduction, Reverso has always been an iconic collection and always surprised the watch collectors of JLC. And to mark this 85th anniversary, JLC has launched a new collection of JLC Reverso Duoface, including the Q3908420 model.
With the JLC Duoface watches, you can change your watch in a blink of an eye, even without taking it off your wrist. It probably doesn’t need to be repeated that the original JLC reverso watches only had one face, the other face was stainless steel and was created to serve the British nobles who wore them when they played polo. At that time, they would flip the face of the watch down to avoid scratching or breaking it.
In this review, I will not beat around the bush but go straight to the details of the watch so that you can have a more detailed look at the case, dial and movement of this Q3908420 model.

1. The Case

The sliding and flipping design of JLC reverse is no longer unfamiliar to watch enthusiasts, when you can push the sliding body towards the crown and easily change the face of the watch in a few seconds without even taking it off your hand. But what makes Q3908420 different is that the frame is engraved with sunray pattern instead of being smooth like other reverso models.

With an impressive small size of 42.8mm x 25.5mm x 9.15mm, Q3908420 is not too big for those with 15.5cm wrists but also very classic and dressy for those with 18.5cm wrists like me. And what is worth mentioning is that inside such a small case there is a two-faced watch with a unique GMT, Day & Night function, less than 10mm thick.

2. The dials

The main dial (local time) looks white at first glance but in fact it is a silver-plated dial. If you look closely you can see the glittering sand patterns on the dial. The dauphine hands and hour markers are blued quite dark and you can see an interesting blue hue at certain angles of light.

And when you flip the dial, you will have a watch with a blue dial, with Clous de Paris pattern around it. The hour and minute hands and hour markers are in the main dial which is polished to make reading time easier. The subdial below is a Day and Night feature that helps you not only keep track of the second time zone but also easily know what time of day it is there.

3. The Caliber

Powering Q3908420 is a hand-wound LC 854A/2 movement with 45 hours of power reserve, 21600bph frequency, adjusted in 5 different positions and passing 1000 hours of testing according to JLC standards. The experience of winding this watch is wonderful, I really like the click click sound of the gears when I turn the crown to wind it. The most regrettable thing about this movement is probably that it does not have a hacking stop function (stopping the second hand). For those who are OCD heavy and always want to adjust time accurately, this may be the most annoying thing. But for me personally, keeping track of time is only relative so it doesn’t affect my experience when wearing this watch.
One thing I also really like about JLC is that adjusting the second time zone or day and night is done by a push button hidden on top of the watch. Pulling out the pin by notches would require a larger crown or using buttons would be quite inconvenient and reduce aesthetics for Reverso.

4. Conclusion
The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Tribute Duoface Q3908420 is not the only watch with two faces but it will be an iconic watch with a unique design and high recognition. The smooth and durable sliding and flipping mechanism allows you to change your style constantly and easily with just one watch. You can wear JLC every day or wear it with formal attire in events, although its original purpose was created as a sports watch.

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