Credor Signo GCBK981 – The Golden top.

1. The name Credor

Seiko took the name Credor from the French phrase “Crête d’Or.” Translated into English: Golden Top or Golden Crest meaning the peak, above all, to honor the value of its highest-end product line. In 1974, Seiko established Credor with the idea of producing watches that were made only from precious materials. This allowed the brand to create watches that reflected the Japanese aesthetic values – simple, refined and attractive. Initially, as the name “Crête d’Or” suggests, Seiko only used precious metals on Credor watches, but Credor later also produced watches using stainless steel materials. However, all Credor watches are high-end watches – high quality, luxurious and truly elegant.

The name Credor and the logo “Golden Peak” – which was placed on the dial instead of the Seiko logo starting from 1980. The logo has the shape of three mountain peaks, meaning the peak of watchmaking. The three stars found at the top of the logo represent the three philosophies of Credor.
• First, create original designs that meet the aesthetic taste of Japanese people such as sophistication, accuracy and attractiveness.

• Second, use the most advanced technologies to provide durability and accuracy on watch movements.

• Finally, honor the high-end craftsmanship of Japanese watchmakers that have been refined and honed in over 130 years of Seiko’s history.

It will not be surprising if you find very few reviews about Credor products when the company’s motto is to target domestic users. While GrandSeiko is widely marketed and advertised, Credor is like the Katana swords of legendary blacksmith Masamune quietly waiting for their suitable owners.
Each Credor is a quintessence of Japanese culture condensed and expressed in the form of a sophisticated, elegant and convenient wristwatch. Therefore, this will be a very unique addition to your watch collection.

2. Credor signo chronograph automatic GCBK981

Owning a beautiful Credor chronograph like GCBK981 is not easy and now even harder when this Signo model was only produced for about 2 years from 2012 to 2014, and now has been Discontinued – discontinued.
The GCBK981 I review today is in very good condition with box and steel strap enough for 18.5cm wrist.
With a size of 42mm face, 13.5mm thinness, lug to lug distance of only 47mm – quite standard size for a Chronograph watch, Credor GCBK981 will suit you guys with 16cm wrist. You can see it present quite neatly on my 18.5cm wrist.

With a very elaborate and complex dial design, divided into multiple layers and areas with different finishes, Credor’s artisans have fully displayed their watchmaking skills on this Signo model.
• You can see that the edges of the two subdials of hour and minute function of chronograph and inner rim and outer rim are steel parts that are brushed concentrically creating an eye-catching rainbow effect.

• Two crescent-shaped areas at logo position and second hand are made with large vertical patterns. The inside subdial chronograph is decorated with intricate patterns.

• The minute division part is divided into layers with white background on top, navy blue numbers stand out. The background part is scratched and the connection between two layers is painted blue in tone with color of numbers.

• The needle set is very delicate with blue painted chronograph needles creating color consistency across dial.

About movement 6S37, this is a quite famous movement when related to Tag Heuer’s case of buying back design and using it to make Chronograph movement 1887 that Tag’s Chairman cum CEO Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin announced this was a movement 100% in-house by Tag Heuer.

At the same time this movement is also used by Junghans on Maxbill Chronoscope models with name Cal. J980.
This movement has 40 jewels, 50 hours power reserve, 28800bph frequency, uses vertical Column wheel axis and has power reserve function. The machine is very beautiful and has rainbow pattern like GrandSeiko’s 9s machine.

One thing I really like about this GCBK981 is that part of steel strap with 7 threads is finished very high quality for feeling of hugging, soft and no sharp edges that make hand scratch. (Just about strap, it beats GrandSeiko’s strap)

3. Summary.

With a design and finish that is top notch, this will be a daily wear watch suitable for many types of outfits and different situations.
The most regrettable thing about this Gcbk981 is that accessories only have box but with reference price of less than 60 million (at ICS Authentic), I don’t think you can find any Chronograph watch that is quality both in terms of finish and mechanics like this Credor.

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