Omega Speedmaster Professional 3590.50: A Historic Watch with a Legendary Movement

There are a few watches that have historical value both in design and movement that can be considered legendary, and today I will introduce to you a watch that was born in 1989, associated with the great achievements of mankind: Omega Speedmaster Professional 3590.50.

Speedmaster is a product line with a variety of models that Omega brings to watch collectors, but it cannot be denied that despite the diversity in models, colors and many special editions of Omega Speedmaster, they cannot overshadow the essence of the Speedmaster Professional or also known as Moonwatch.

The 3590.50 I have on hand today is from a friend, I borrowed it to experience and after more than a week on hand I decided to write a review for this wonderful Moonwatch.

This is a Moon watch using hesalite crystal, solid case back, hand-winding movement 1861, you can see Moonwatch does not have too many design changes from 1964 to mid-90s, and the words “T swiss T” at 6 o’clock position show that this Moon watch uses Tritium lume, based on these features it can be confirmed that this watch was not produced in the 21st century. Case size 42mm but short lugs, 3590.50 gives feeling on hand like a 40mm watch, plus combining with leather strap will make watch easier to wear. Personally I think you guys with wrist from 15.5 can totally wear this 3590.50. Especially weight of this Moon watch is quite light compared to other sports chronograph watches on market, giving comfortable feeling to wear all day long.

With matte black dial (mate black), hands and hour-minute markers in white color over time have turned yellow (patina), 3590.50 has a classic beauty, with balanced and reasonable arrangement of 3 sub-dials slightly sunk down below, combined with concentric circles, will surprise you if you look closely at dial of this Moonwatch. Although not as eye-catching as enamel or sunburst dials, 3590.50 is like an old wine glass, the more you drink, the more delicious and addictive it is.

I used to own Moonwatch 3861 – latest moonwatch model, using sapphire crystal for a not short time, and I realized difference in value of hesalite crystal for 3590.50. Perhaps for some of you will worry hesalite crystal is easy to scratch, but polishing or replacing it is also very easy and not expensive. Perhaps that is only drawback of hesalite crystal, while what it brings is extremely wonderful. Unlike sapphire crystal with blue crystal color cool then hesalite crystal has warm amber color tone when combined with hands and markers patina after long time will create beautiful vintage appearance. In addition anti-reflective ability and domed glass effect of hesalite are also much better than sapphire. Another feature is under strong impact when sapphire crystal breaks it will create small pieces and damage dial as well as dangerous in outer space activities so Moonwatches equipped for astronauts all use hesalite crystal.

If you are person who likes to pick up watch and wear and go (grab and go) then you may not like movement 861 when you will have to wind this Moon watch every day. But for me winding every day brings interesting experience as well as shows ownership sense connection between myself and watch.

I have found joy and enjoyed wearing and experiencing Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon watch exactly as what an iconic watch brings. Cannot deny success of Moonwatch over more than 60 years and is one of watches that any collector should have in their collection.

One point that I am not really satisfied with moon watch is that although it is sports watch but water resistance level only stops at 5ATM (50m). The 3590.50 will be great everyday wear or wear in light outdoor activities like camping or picnic.


Moon watch 3590.50 is a watch with heritage and historical value. With iconic design easy to wear with small wrist size can be combined with many types of straps if you have opportunity to own do not hesitate because you will regret if you miss it.

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