Quick Release Spring Bar: A Convenient Way to Change Your Watch Strap

If you have never heard of quick release spring bar, you have missed an interesting thing. They have brought a big step forward in the way we change our watch straps: “Quick Release – you can change your watch strap in a blink of an eye”


Structure of smart pin and regular pin




Before smart quick release spring bar was invented, to change watch strap we needed to use a tool to insert into the gap between strap and watch lug to push the pin, this could lead to damage strap or scratch watch. Adjusting regular pin into small pin hole is also quite difficult for beginners. And not always you have or carry tools to change strap, changing strap becomes annoying and not fun at all.

With invention of smart pin and equipping for watch straps, changing strap has become easy as pie, you just need to pull pin to remove and install strap, this can be done in a few seconds. It is not surprising that quick release spring bar is increasingly popular and applied to both rubber straps, leather straps, even steel straps at some high-end brands.

—————————————-Video tutorial on how to remove and install straps using smart quick release spring bar————————————————–



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