Rubber Strap vs Leather Strap: Which One Should You Choose?

If you want to compare rubber strap and leather strap, first of all we have to affirm that leather strap is very popular and loved by many people. It is undeniable that leather watch strap always has an important position in the hearts of watch enthusiasts and owners. In fact, every time you have a new watch, you will often think of adding one or more leather straps for it.


Leather strap is made from real leather and usually gives a warm feeling and natural scent although very light due to its small size, but at some point it will pass by and make you feel very comfortable and wearing a real leather strap brings a comfortable feeling, it is soft and wraps around your wrist, and easily forms (molds) to fit your wrist.

Leather strap has a classic beauty and will become more beautiful over time of use, there will be personal marks with high personality, if you know how to take care and preserve, suitable for elegant or casual style everyday.


However, leather strap also has some drawbacks such as it is not suitable for sports outfits or activities, although leather strap nowadays has water resistance but not too good. If soaked in water, leather surface may warp or crack. If you sweat a lot, your leather strap may smell unpleasant over time of use. I bet you don’t want to wear a leather watch strap to the beach or swimming, even in a tennis or badminton match!


As for rubber strap, especially FKM rubber that CHIII uses, has superior elasticity and durability, will give a comfortable feeling when worn on hand, while also keeping form very well. With water resistance, corrosion resistance… you can wear it anywhere, any sports or adventure activity.

With colors and styles varied you can easily coordinate different leather straps with outfits suitable for different situations. And if your rubber strap gets dirty cleaning is very easy with wet cloth or even soap.



  1. Leather strap
    • a. Pros:
      • Traditional classic style that everyone loves.
      • Comfortable wearing feeling.
      • Easy to form fit your wrist.
      • The longer you wear it the more beautiful it becomes if you know how to take care and preserve.
      • Easy to order custom straps with sizes that suit you at CHIII Straps & Accessories
    • Cons:
      • Wear and tear on surface if exposed to oxidizing agents, corrosive substances, chemicals…
      • Not suitable for sports activities.
      • Can be damaged if used in outdoor exploration activities.
      • Water absorption and not suitable for swimming activities, going to the beach.

2. Rubber strap


    • Pros.
      • FKM rubber is very durable.
      • Comfortable wearing feeling.
      • Suitable for all sports activities, easy to clean.
      • Can be used in swimming activities, going to the beach.
      • Does not cause allergies and odor
    • Cons:
      • Does not create personal marks after time of use like leather strap.
      • Difficult to make according to request.



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